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Math Madness Wednesday: Number Bonds

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Have you heard of number bonds?  They are a wonderful visual math tool for students to understand decomposing numbers. While many of these ideas are more for the primary students, they can help teachers of older kids understand what kids are learning in order to make connections to past learning or to reinforce skills students may be lacking.

There are MANY great ideas out there for ways to use number bonds.  Here are a few of my favorites.
Number Bonds:  Make 10 from Math Playground--This fun game is for everyone!  There are versions for many different numbers, not just 10.  Kids get to "shoot" a ball at a another number that would equal 10.
Number Bonds game:  Hoot Addition Game --Another fun computer game!  Different levels are available for all of your learners.  They get choices of numbers that might be correct and students can make the correct choice.  
Number Bonds YouTube video--This video lays it all out!  If you are new to number bonds or want to share info with your parents, this is a great video to use!
Article about Number Bonds--Similar to the video, but in print.  Lots of good ideas to use!

Kinesthetic Way to work on Number Bonds--I love this way of getting the whole class involved in a game!  Ten kids start on one bond, one rolls a dice, and that many kids move to another bond.  How many are left?  Definitely a nice way to get the "wiggles" out while teaching math!
Pinterest Board--Lots and lots of ideas for ways to use number bonds in your classroom!  Take a look when you have a chance. 
Want a "printable" way to practice task cards in your class?  You can grab my SNOW BONDS task cards with a FROZEN, snowy theme (along with some other winter goodies) from Educents for only $4.99 right now!  Task cards include QR codes (don't worry, there are some without the QR codes too) so students can self check.  Along with the Snow Bonds, you will also get my "What Shape is Sven" product to practice 2D shapes, my Missing Numbers, Winter Edition to practice writing numbers in the correct order, and my Color-By-Code CVC words to practice medial short vowel sounds.

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