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The Best Ideas for iPads AND iPad Giveaway!!!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Does your school implement technology?  Are your students working 1:1 with iPads?  Are you hungry for ideas?  If so, you are in the right place!  Below, you can visit 16 blogs of 16 tech savvy teachers who picked their favorite app and highlighted it on their blogs!  While you are sampling, sign up to win a free iPad mini!  Oh yeah!  The Lesson Deli chicks are serving up some amazing ideas and giveaway!  

Good luck with the contest and eat up the ideas!

What is your favorite app????


Apps and Websites for Your Classroom Library

Saturday, September 20, 2014

This is Diane from {Fifth in the Middle}. A week or so ago, I asked for recommendations for classroom library apps and websites, and my Facebook followers did not disappoint. 

There were five apps mentioned, so I decided to give them all a whirl to see which one fits my needs.

Scholastic Book Wizard Mobile - FREE
This is the app that a first tried. I got a box of books from a Scholastic book order, and I thought that I would give it a shot. I quickly got frustrated as books that I bought FROM THEM did not scan or appear in their database. The search option did not bring them up, either. Out of the 23 books I tested, it only found 18. If they could update their database, this one might actually be pretty decent because you can export your list for end-of-year inventory and such. It also has a pretty nice synopsis of each book.

Literacy Leveler - $3.99
This one is only an app. The library is pretty extensive - it found most of my books. I was able to search to find the rest. Within the app, you can sort by title, author, Lexile, DRA, and GRL. If you could export the list for inventory purposes, it would be awesome.

Level It Books - $3.99
This is also just an app. I was able to scan or search for 22 of the 23 books. This one also has an option to check in and out books. There are a few other features that I don't need, but there is no ability to export the list.

Book Retriever - $0.99
I couldn't get it to scan a single book. The connection kept failing. And I'm not even going to see if I can enter them manually. Next...

Classroom Organizer - FREE
This is an app and a {website}. I could scan or search for all 23 books. I can export the list to Excel. Books can be checked in and out. The app crashed a few times for me, so there's definite room for improvement.

One follower also mentioned that she purchased a {book scanner} on Amazon. While I am all for all things technology, at $80ish, I'm going to explore the other routes first. But I might just get one anyway, because it looks really fun...

Feel free to comment with other apps and websites that I may have overlooked. The perfect one has to be out there somewhere!