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A Time for Giving

Monday, February 23, 2015

My school means a lot to me.  Not just because that's where I work or because the kids are great (which they are).  It's the school where I went in elementary school and high school.  I had some of the same teachers who are still there now.  They have a heart for what they do.  So, as my school gets ready for its annual auction, I thought the best thing I could do was try to give a little bit back.

A group of teachers donated products to create this bundle for upper elementary teachers.  All proceeds from the sale will go directly the my school.  We don't receive any funding outside of our tuition and individual donations, so this auction is a big deal. There's about $130 worth of products bundled together for $25. Awesome deal for some awesome products!

Please check out the specifics in the link below.  And if you think this is a worthy cause, please pass along the link.

Martha from "The Owl Spot"

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