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Revolutionary Thinking Maps: Causes of the American Revolution

Thursday, December 25, 2014

I started a series this summer on using Thinking Maps to teach about the American Revolution.  I use thinking maps all the time to help students visually represent content.  You can read the first post HERE on using a brace map to analyze the Declaration of Independence

For today, let's talk about the multi-flow map.  A multi-flow map can be used when something has multiple causes and/or effects.  We use them a LOT in history and science.  For example, last week in science we used a multi-flow map to show the multiple causes on why the wetlands are disappearing.  Here's an example of a multi-flow map showing the causes leading up to the American Revolution.
Next time you are teaching and need a graphic organizer to show multiple causes and/or effects, give the multi-flow map a try!

--The Pensive Sloth

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