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Crazy about LEGO Bricks but not sure how to store them?

Thursday, July 3, 2014

I don’t know about you, but I love to play with LEGO bricks probably more than most of my students do.  I wanted to use them in my class for math and science, but couldn’t figure out how to easily store them.  At the craft store, I saw organizers for the ever popular Rainbow Loom bracelet stuff and inspiration hit!  I bought 6 of them to use for Lego brick storage (one box per table group).

I bought a few Lego kits on clearance and sorted them by size of brick.  Then I grouped them by color.  Well, I tried to group them by color, but I did end up having to use multiple colors in many cases unless I wanted to buy a lot more Lego kits…..which I didn’t.  I plan to use my kits for fraction work, so I decided that I wanted to set up the kits with multiples of bricks.  For example, for 1 2 x 12 brick, I would need 3 2 x 4 bricks.  Therefore, plan to use many more of the smaller bricks than the bigger bricks. 

Once I sorted out the bricks, I had a variety of wheels, windows, doors, etc.  I decided to divide those pieces up and include them for possible STEM activities.  Lego has also been sending me emails about using the bricks to plan writing activities, so I included a few people.   The uses for Lego bricks are endless!  I just love them. 

Before I take the kits into the classroom, I plan to vinyl my name and “Table X” in the lids.  You can find vinyl letters in the craft aisle at a well-known big box store and in craft stores.
When I use these with the kids, I will make sure to give them time to play first – and enforce the rules of separating the bricks back in the correct locations when finished. 

How do you use Lego bricks in the classroom?  Do you have a terrific storage idea?  If you do, please share!

Amy Mezni


  1. Letting students play is a great way to start! They do that naturally whenever you put anything in their hands. As an adult, I do that! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Awesome idea Amy!!!!! The writing idea of course appeals to me since I am the writing gal! You got my brain a tickin! I just wish I didn't get rid of all of my son's Legos over the years! @Lego
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  3. Another good storage box option are the bead boxes at places like Michael's crafts (probably the same place you get the Rainbow Loom boxes!). I like the bead storage boxes because they often have removable dividers, so you can reorganize the slots on the inside the of the box. Legos are also great for spatial thinking-- and following procedures and cause and effect-- if you give kids the Lego directions for assembling a vehicle, building, etc. If they don't follow the directions, the results change.

  4. Great storage idea! I am thinking about getting some LEGOS for my math kiddos. I wish I still had my boys' LEGOS!!

  5. LEGOs are SOOO much fun! I am so glad that girls are really getting into them now too (I have always liked them, but they tended to be labeled a "boy" toy when I was growing up). We have stored them in similar containers. You can find these types in the fishing aisle too, as many of them are used for tackle boxes. At home, we have also used an over-the-door shoe holder, but that wouldn't work as well in the classroom, especially for distributing them quickly to the groups.

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  6. Love this idea for STEM! Thanks for sharing!

  7. What a great idea! My kids never play with their LEGOs anymore. I have all colors - even pink Hello Kitty LEGOs. Will those work? ha! I'm going to dig those out, and see what I can come up with. Thanks for sharing!

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